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Monday Open 10am-6pm
Tuesday Open 10am-6pm
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Thursday Open  10am-6pm
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Saturday Open 10am-3pm
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Oswego store moved to Cicero location

Contact us @ (315) 699-2874

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Repairs & Services

Repairs & Services


Now Featuring ‘Ultrasonic Power’
Band Instrument Cleaning

Midstate Music offers ultrasonic cleaning for brass and metal woodwind instruments. Ultrasonic Power gets your instrument sparkling clean with the following benefits:

  • Prolongs life of instruments
  • Replaces harmful acids and chemicals that damages your instrument
  • Thoroughly cleans inside and out
  • Utilizes environmentally safe, biodegradable detergents
  • Removes unwanted calcium buildup
  • Cleans organic materials and deposits Schedule your instrument’s ultrasonic session today!

We have over a century of work experience among our dedicated, capable staff. In addition, we’re visiting schools and music programs throughout Central New York for pick-ups, delivery and repairs every week so we’re always available to serve you.

Midstate Music Offers:

  • Weekly Visits By Midstate Music Representatives to many Central NY schools with free pick-up and delivery
  • Step-Ups – Move up from the model of instrument you’re using
  • Pro Line – Midstate Music offers a complete listing of professional line instruments and accessories by the best names in the business.
  • Guitars – Midstate Music offers a broad selection of acoustic and electric guitars, music and accessories.
  • Lessons & Tutoring – Midstate Music offers private lessons right at our store for any instrument. Ask us about instructors, cost, and scheduling.
  • Instrument Storage